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Todd Bluechel is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at CollectiveSun®, LLC. Mr. Bluechel brings over 14 years in the alternative energy sector to CollectiveSun having worked as the Director of Marketing and Sales for a Waste-to-Energy Company that utilizes a disruptive pyrolytic gasification technology. Mr. Bluechel is the President and Founder of Fish. Food. Feel Good., America’s only sustainable fishing charity, a first of its kind 501c3 that collects migratory sport caught pelagic fish from fishermen and distributes them to local charities including: the San Diego Food Bank, San Diego Rescue Mission, Urban Angels, Jewish Family Services, Kitchens for Good, Dreams for Change, Imperial Valley Food Bank, and Father Joe's Village, feeding over 80,000 annually for free. Mr. Bluechel utilizes his expertise in the alternative energy industry, the nonprofit sector, and his six years in media, marketing films and television, to educate and promote the financial, social and environmental benefits of CollectiveSun's impact investing platform for all nonprofit organizations nationwide.