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Working to make the world Greener through technology! Let's collaborate!

Need PV Design and professional services NATIONWIDE? We can help quickly and cost effectively on a project by project basis! 

GreenLancer Energy, Inc. presents the industry’s first LEAN BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) platform, G-force™. G-force™ leads the way with the industry’s most comprehensive and unified SaaS platform to build intelligent and highly-curated BPO workflows for the solar, telecom (wireless, wireline) and FTTx (fiber optic broadband) industries. NO MORE KLUGE TOGETHER OF EXISTING SOFTWARE. You can’t afford to have people swiveling between different software performing mission-critical, but yet mundane, repetitive tasks. Why should your resources work to complete thousands of time-consuming business tasks and processes that demand accuracy and speed that don’t necessarily require human decision-making to complete? The VP Operations of a major, top revenue generating U.S. solar company said, “With G-force™ bots, we automated high-volume, repeatable tasks within existing processes. This freed-up team members to direct their efforts and attention to higher-value interactions to build customer relationships and trust while expanding revenue opportunities.”