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SEIA Federal Tax Guide to Solar Energy | Version 10.0

Monday, March 11, 2024


SEIA Members: Download the Guide 

Letter from Abigail Ross Hopper:

This is a pivotal and exciting time for the solar and storage industry.

In August 2022, Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which included dozens of major updates and changes to the tax policies impacting clean energy businesses. This historic legislation has already driven significant new investments in solar and energy storage thanks to long-term policy certainty and new mechanisms to incentivize domestic manufacturing, development in underserved communities, and more.

In the months since the passage of the IRA, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other federal agencies have released a variety of regulatory guidance and clarifications that contain further details that those involved in financing or developing clean energy projects must consider. While there are still a number of IRA provisions that are awaiting final regulatory guidance, this updated Guide is intended to provide a holistic overview of the current state of play for the federal tax policy that our industry operates in. 

SEIA produced the original “Federal Tax Guide for Solar Energy” nearly a decade ago, and has continued to maintain and update this resource in an effort to ensure that the industry will make responsible and best use of the solar tax incentives. The Guide was originally envisioned as a way to give solar companies and homeowners general guidance about the tax policies in place that impact solar and clean energy development. That remains its focus, but it is also a resource as you begin your research into how to take full advantage of federal solar incentives. However, remember that the Guide is only a starting point; it should not be your only resource as you conduct your research.  Be sure to also consult your local tax attorney or accountant.

We remain excited about the prospects for the solar energy industry in the U.S. and we hope you find this a valuable resource. For more information about this document or our federal tax policy work, please contact us at


Abigail Ross Hopper
President & CEO

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