APA Solar Racking Launches Residential Division

By Adrienne Lee posted 06-26-2018 12:09


                AP Alternatives is an industry leader in ground mount fixed tilt solar racking. Research and development is always a top priority for a growing company. Last week marked the release of the Ready Rack Pre-Engineered Racking Kits. This product is unlike anything else on the market. There is no substitute that can compete with its ease of installation, price, and simplicity.

                The Ready Rack Pre-Engineered Kit is custom to any size project, but is primarily made for residential and small projects under 150KW. It can be installed with a skid steer and an auger attachment. Using APA proprietary helical anchors it provides a stable foundation for any ground mount project. No concrete is used due to the helical design and 10KW can be installed in four hours. All racking materials are included from the anchors to the module clamps.

                APA is revolutionizing solar racking and is on track to release a ground screw and monopost later this year. Innovation leads to success and APA has continued to prove its worth year in and year out. Check out this installation video for the helical anchors with a skid steer.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duceY1Lfr0o

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